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what is Periodontal Surgery?

Dr. Jason Kasarsky, New York City dentist and periodontal surgeon, performs periodontal surgery for patients with gum related problems and various stages of gum disease. Some aspects of periodontal surgery may seem more cosmetic in nature, such as having a high or low gum line, but surgery can help not only to contour the gum line, but improve the overall health of the gums. Some patients have a high gum line, which can make the teeth appear too big, while others have the opposite condition, where the gum line appears low, making the teeth look very small. Periodontal surgery corrects the gum tissue, grafting it and recontouring it for a normal appearance. Having too much gum, or not enough, can lead to complex dental issues if not treated correctly. Our team uses the latest surgical techniques to recreate the gum line, using gum tissue grafts when necessary to fill in gaps where the gum line is above the root.

am i a candidate for periodontal surgery?

Periodontal surgery is used to correct an uneven gum line. If the gum line is to low, laser can be used, or a surgical technique, to raise it. This essentially removes excess gum, and then contours it to look natural. Patients with a gum line that is too high often need gum grafting to create a lower gum line. This helps protect the teeth and the roots from over exposure, tooth decay, and other dental issues. Some patients also have gapping within the gums. These gaps are often caused by tooth loss and can be fixed with an implant or other type of dental augmentation.

Periodontal Surgery FAQ

Does periodontal surgery hurt?

Gum surgery can be uncomfortable for patients, which is why we offer several variations of anesthesia to help patients relax and control any pain. After periodontal surgery, or any type of gum contouring, there will be some swelling, and the patient will be sore. It generally takes about 24 – 48 hours for the swelling to reduce and approximately a full week to recover from surgery. During this time, patients are asked to stay on a soft food/liquid diet to help the mouth recover, control inflammation, etc. Many times, we will prescribe antibiotics or pain medication to help aid in the recovery process.

What problems does periodontal surgery fix?

The most common issues periodontal surgery can address are:

  • A high gum line that makes the teeth look overly large
  • A low gum line that makes the teeth look too small
  • Addresses gum disease
  • Fills in gaps in the gum line
  • Corrects an uneven gum line

How long is recovery after periodontal surgery?

Most patients can expect their gums to fully heal in about two weeks.

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Patients with a "gummy" appearing smile, or feel that they show little teeth due to low gums, or too much teeth due to high gums, may consider periodontal surgery to correct their gum line. Using grafting techniques, and other periodontal surgical processes, Dr. Kasarsky and team can create a healthy, normal appearing smile. We invite you to call our New York City dental practice and learn more today.

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